Power Transformer Manufacturers Vijayawada

Power Transformer Manufacturers Vijayawada
Primary Voltage33 Kv
Winding material400 W
Input Voltage5MV 33KV/11KV & 33KV/433V
Frequency50 Hz

Voltactive is a well-known power transformer manufacturer in Vijayawada. Power Transformer is used to transfer electric energy to any part of an electrical or electronic circuit between the generator and distribution circuit. These are the power transformer, a medium power transformer, and a large power transformer.

Power transformer manufacturers Vijayawada. The power transformer can alter from one voltage to another voltage at high power levels that can be used up to 33kv. These transformers are used in various electric circuit and also available in various types and applications.

The application of a power transformer includes the transmission and distribution of electric power. These transformers are widely used by power stations, industrial plants and traditional electrical utility companies.